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Doing the Most Good You Can Do

We give non-profits the resources they need to grow, serve, and make the greatest impact as possible.

Assisting Your Growth and Broadening Your Impact

At WorkStream, we specialize in providing coordinated support and training to small and mid-sized non-profits who want to broaden their impact. We use a variety of tactics to reduce inefficiencies, increase scalability, and help you serve a larger audience.

We never want you to feel like you are leaving potential impact on the table. 

Unlike many agencies with a single specialty, we are a dynamic team with expert partners who can help your non-profit across the spectrum of operational needs.  

Why WorkStream?

Is your non-profit growing so fast that you struggle to adjust your short-term and long-term plans in response?

Do you want to feel like a proactive leader instead of a reactive leader?

Have you only started to breach the surface of how many people across the country or world could be impacted by your mission?

Do you feel intimidated by the need to increase your impact but unsure of how to find the guidance and resources that you need to do so?

We’re here to help you.

We’ve personally seen and experienced the problems that non-profits face firsthand. In response, we’ve developed multifaceted solutions that help you tackle the inefficiencies and hurdles that prevent your organization from doing as much good as you can.

It’s hard to improve your organization when you aren’t sure where to turn or how to access the resources and guidance that you know are out there. We connect you with the right resources, training, and help you uncover new ways to maximize your organization’s potential.

When each part of your organization is working efficiently and effectively, the whole organization will rise and your impact will grow.

Our Values

  • We believe in the ability for every non-profit to succeed.
  • We believe that bringing field experts together to combine their knowledge is more effective than one person working alone.
  • We believe that, by accurately determining what obstacles are preventing your non-profit from having the biggest impact possible, we can provide you with the best resources for your situation.
  • We are guided by the core principle of Effective Altruism, a movement focused on making the largest impact with the resources available.

We help leaders, employees, specialists, and community members work together for the benefit of everyone. Our primary areas of focus are on animal advocacy, long-termism, AI safety, global health and wellbeing, and nonprofits in our neighborhoods.

Let us help you take your non-profit to the next level!

We really appreciated the support we were able to get from WorkStream in setting up our operations. I especially appreciated that this was an org that was familiar with EA/non-profits.

Other than just helping us get a clearer overview of everything that our organization does, and to both prioritize and improve on what we do, I also felt that it was very beneficial to me as an early career ops person, because I learned how to develop structures for a more professional and antifragile organization that I will hopefully be able to apply to more organizations throughout my career.

Beatrice Erkers, COO at Foresight Institute

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with trying to run an organization, I can’t recommend Deena enough. She’s been a great help with both the strategic and tactical levels of management. She has a knack for getting to the heart of the matter. She can help you not only improve how you manage your tasks but also give you insight into how to think about your approach as a whole. Best of all, no matter how stressed you might be feeling, a call with her calm, warm, and competent personality will leave you feeling freshly motivated, reminding you that you’ve got this.

Kat Woods, Nonlinear

I’m very happy to have had the chance to work with WorkStream, and would absolutely recommend others do so as well.

Liav Koren

This accelerator has been very helpful in my development. I have grown a lot in my role since starting these sessions. The 1-1 sessions further boost this development. I can see the impact of this training has on my role and the wider impact on the organization as a whole. I also have a better understanding of my path for future career growth.

Myriam Vanderzwalmen, Eurogroup for Animals

I am new to being in a managing and leadership role, and Deena was extremely helpful in helping our organization run more smoothly. She helped me identify the strengths of our team members, enabling me to better see how we can work together to best utilize our strengths. She also provided guidance on how to establish workflow, manage tasks allocation to prevent burnout, and prioritize our mental wellbeing. I am very grateful for Deena’s support and would highly recommend her!

Anonymous, Animal Welfare Non-Profit

Our Providers

We partner with EASE, a directory of independent agencies and freelancers offering expertise to EA-aligned organizations.

Deena Englander

Deena started WorkStream

She specializes in analyzing business workflow and providing optimization consulting. Deena helps businesses streamline and automate processes, optimize workflow and gain access to the tools they need to efficiently and effectively run their business.

Our Services

Each engagement begins with an analysis of where your business is and an understanding of any problems you know about. After our team gains an understanding of the core inhibitors that are holding you back from healthy growth and development, we’ll perform a specialized diagnostic developed by our team to determine what the underlying reasons for those problems are. Once we have an accurate diagnosis, you’ll work with the right team of providers to remove those obstacles and develop a plan for successful growth.  

And, of course, if you’re just looking for help with a specific issue, we can set you up with a reliable partner to get quality results.

Organizational Coaching

Our organizational coaching program is a form of management consulting that is solution oriented and designed to tackle specific organizational challenges. Working with a coach is a great way to keep you constantly growing and developing. A good coach will help you overcome obstacles in your path, to consistently achieve more while becoming a better leader. Click here to schedule a free trial coaching session.

Workflow Optimization

WorkStream Nonprofit focuses on improving organizational workflows by addressing five key aspects: people, process, culture, engagement, and technology. This process usually includes an initial worfklow and personnel analysis, transformation plan, and optimized work plan and job descriptions. We aim to incorporate effective operations and technology into a lean, agile, and well-designed process, and we’ll coordinate with your other providers to help you get there. After that, we’ll help you implement the new plan. Clients typically experience a 30% increase in operational impact. Discover how we can enhance your organization’s impact. Click here to schedule a consultation today.

Accelerator Program:

The organizational accelerator program support organizational leaders and operations managers in developing their organization by providing education, community and access to experts to build and grow a stronger organization. It’s like a mini-MBA, exposing you to the knowledge and experience you need to run your organization.

To download more details, click below:

Maintaining a Healthy Work Life Balance

Maintaining a Healthy Work Life Balance

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Creating Impactful Budgets

Creating Impactful Budgets

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What Does Operations Really Mean?

What Does Operations Really Mean?

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